Raynor Winn Event 9th December at 7pm

Join Colin Midson as he talks to award-winning author Raynor Winn about her latest book, The Wild Silence. This is the second in a new series of regular online events held in collaboration with Cornwall and Devon independent bookshops. In The Wild Silence, Raynor picks up the story where the Salt Path left off. AsContinue reading “Raynor Winn Event 9th December at 7pm”

It Starts with a Book

Check out the link below: https://uk.bookshop.org/lists/it-starts-with-a-book-d708c759-3730-4ab9-92ee-f4ba5bf319d4 For each sale of a title in this list via our online shop, a book will be donated to a grassroots organisation (including local foodbanks) which help disadvantaged people across the UK and Ireland. This initiative is kindly supported by Penguin Random House and Neighbourly. #itstartswithabook

Our Latest Review From Tavy Links

Utopia Avenue by David Mitchell One of our very favourite authors here at Book Stop,  Booker Prize nominated author David Mitchell has this time served up something quite different to his usual mind-bending metaphysical romps across space and time, with a wonderfully nostalgic and bittersweet tale of 1960s rock and roll.  Utopia Avenue form in 1967Continue reading “Our Latest Review From Tavy Links”

Convenience Store Woman

by Sayaka Murata Welcome to the weird and (occasionally) wonderful world of Keiko Furukura and her beloved Convenience Store. Marginalised by ordinary society, and following a confusing and at times problematic childhood, Keiko finds it difficult to find her place in the modern world, until she stumbles accross the Convenience Store.  In this delightful fableContinue reading “Convenience Store Woman”